What to expect?

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy 



During this stage your understanding of your current difficulties will be explored, along with the triggers, the development and the maintenance of the problem. If CBT is deemed appropriate, the number and frequency of sessions will be discussed.


You will be encouraged to set some treatment goals in order to help identify the specific techniques required to ensure a successful treatment outcome. During each treatment session you will explore any barriers to change, and learn a range of specific strategies designed to help you feel more in control of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 


Relapse prevention is a way of preventing or minimising the impact of a setback. When you feel you have made significant improvements during treatment, a maintaining progress plan will be discussed to enhance your ability to maintain progress independently in the future. 





During the assessment, we will review your current difficulties, explore the believed cause and discuss your desired outcomes. If Hypnotherapy is deemed appropriate, the number and frequency of sessions will be discussed. The assessment will conclude with a 15 minute guided relaxation and an opportunity to ask any questions.


During  Hypnotherapy sessions you be guided into a deep state of relaxation (hypnosis), where you will always remain completely aware and in control at all times. Whilst in this state of relaxation, we will work together to discuss, identify and resolve any areas preventing you from making the changes or improvements you desire. As the session concludes you will be guide out of hypnosis and offered time to review the session, ask any questions, or if you choose you can spend the time enjoying the state of relaxation often created during a Hypnotherapy session.


Booster session

Once the treatment phase has concluded, you will be invited to return for a booster session, which is an opportunity to review progress and solidify the changes that have been made. 







1:1 Reiki treatments



During the initial consultation the reasons for accessing this treatment will be explored, and a general health screening and medical history will be taken. Prior to agreeing a treatment plan your preference for a 'hands on' or 'hands off' technique or a combination of these will be discussed. The initial assessment will conclude with a 15 minutes Reiki healing treatment session, followed by the opportunity to ask any questions. 


During each Reiki treatment session, you will remain fully clothed and invited to lie on a massage couch, or if you prefer you can remain seated in a chair. As the session progresses you may feel some sensation changes including; a gentle heat or coolness, tingling, a sense of relaxation, a feeling of emotional release or a sense of mental clarity. As each person is unique, your experience is taken to be the appropriate response for you at that time. At the end of each session, therefore will be allocated time for reflections and/or questions. 





Hypno-reiki treatment



During the assessment your current difficulties and desired outcome will be explored, and a medical history taken. Your preferred method for receiving reiki healing, ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’ will be discussed, and your personality style assessed in order to ensure the hypnosis techniques used are specific to your needs. 



During each hypno-reiki session you will be sat in a chair with your head supported by the back rest. However, if you would prefer to lay down on a massage couch this can be arranged. You will firstly be guided into a deep stated of relaxation prior to your reiki healing treatment taking place. 



Aerial Workshops 


Aerial workshops involve the use of a hammock, which which are often used during aerial yoga classes. During the workshops the hammock functions to offer a deeper level of relaxation and promote a feeling of weightlessness. The hammocks are suspended a few inches above the ground, with the options to adjust to your preferred height. 


During aerial workshops you are welcome to lay in the hammocks with your feet placed on the ground, or if preferred you can lay on the yoga mat.


Booking information: If you have any questions or concerns about the suitability of this workshops, please contact us to arrange your free consultation.


Once you have booked a place on this workshop you will receive some questionnaires which may include, a health screening questionnaire for the reiki workshop, personality questionnaire for the hypnotherapy workshop, or parental consent form and health screening for the children’s meditation workshop. These questionnaires must be completed and returned 1 week before the workshop is due to take place.  

Booking an appointment 


To book a treatment session with this service please make contact detailing the service you require. Contact can be made via email, telephone call or through the enquiry form. 



To cancel an arranged appointment or workshop free of charge, the service requires 48 hours advanced notice. If an appointment or workshop is not attended the fee will remain payable. 


Cancellations can be made either directly through the clinic or by emailing enquiry@my-mindmap.co.uk



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