I really just want to say a huge thank you! Each session was really clear, and any tasks set really helped me to make progress between sessions. I feel like I’ve got a much improved understanding of how to control my thoughts/moods etc which has made a huge difference to my daily life. I really enjoyed each session and found it to be really interesting.

     December, 2020. 

As parents, we feel the treatment received has made a difference and helped our 11 years old daughter to cope with her fears, anxiety levels and panicking about travelling. We are immensely appreciative, as without these sessions we would still be travelling with a very anxious and frightened child. 

January, 2020. 


Gentle, kind and empathetic care, advice and listening was provided, meaning I felt completely comfortable sharing difficult experiences, showing emotional vulnerability and feeling free of negative judgment when sharing my mistakes and short comings. I now feel confident and happy after completing my therapy and I can enjoy my life and be myself again.

October, 2022


I loved working with Donna and I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone. Donna was non-judgmental and supportive throughout my time working with her. I feel very self-aware in general, and I know the areas I want to work on and I feel really lucky to have worked with Donna. Since working with Donna, I have had the confidence to put myself in new situations because I have the self-awareness and skills to manage my behaviour. The experience has encouraged me to not only tackle areas that I struggle with, but also it inspired me to focus on what I would like to achieve in the future. Thanks Donna!

March, 2021.




CBT with Donna, has helped me tremendously. It not only helped me through bereavement, but has also helped me cope with severe depression and anxiety. Donna’s approachability and non-judgemental nature made it very easy to talk to her. Working with Donna and using various CBT techniques exposed the root cause of my difficulties. We were able to focus on CBT to help me work on aspects of trauma and the emotional impact my past had on me. The coping strategies learnt from Donna allowed me to grow as a person and have given me the strength and mind set to overcome any challenges I may come across in my future. Donna’s professional yet compassionate manner has allowed me to overcome some very difficult experiences in my life and I will always be forever grateful to Donna for all her help.

February, 2021. 


This therapy has given me the tools to enable me to see a different perspective of the source of my issues. It has helped me to manage my emotions by looking at things differently and helped me to gain control of my life when it felt like control was under threat. My anger and anxiety has been greatly reduced which is the result I wanted. I would recommend to anyone going through similar struggles. I would definitely use this service again for a check in, top up or any reason if necessary. 


July, 2021.

I had three Hypnotherapy sessions with Donna to help with a medical condition. I was hopeful yet slightly skeptical not knowing if it would help. However, the sessions helped, and this was confirmed by my blood tests. My condition has stabilised and my medication is currently being reduced. I would highly recommend this service. Thank you Donna.

February, 2023. 


I have gained a deeper understanding of how my childhood experiences influenced my personality and adult behaviours, and the link with my adult experiences; in particular I understand for the first time in my life (aged 33) why I formed relationships with people who are drawn to my personality and capatilize on it. I feel safer moving forward.

July, 2022.

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